Drop-in Yoga Classes Sagres

Weekly drop-in yoga classes in Sagres, Algarve in the summer. Directly on the one of the astonishing empty beaches or in the quiet ocean-view Yoga Space. Our professional and passionate teachers Harmke Bijker or Michaël Bijker will guide you through the session with personal guidance and thorough explanation of Asana (yoga poses), Pranayama (breathing techniques and exercises) and Meditation, which will be integrated in every session. The open yoga classes in Sagres are based on different yoga styles like Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa and Iyengar yoga.

January - June & September / October 2019
Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday 6PM; Sunday 9AM
July 1st - Sept 15 2019
Daily 8.30AM

*** no need to book, just come and join ***
Price : 10 € per yoga class
Location: Yoga studio in Memmo Baleeira Hotel
Sagres, Portugal

We have mats and props. Just ask the reception where to go and bring cash to pay in class.

Private Yoga Class Sagres

Do you want to work on your specific mental or physical needs? Do you have difficulty with certain poses or just want to get your yoga basics right? Then you can book a private session with one of our available teachers. A private 75 minutes yoga class will give you the guidance you need to further develop yourself on a physical as well as mental level. A private yoga class is given on the beach or in the Yoga School of Memmo Baleeira hotel in Sagres.

Price : 45 € per yoga class
Duration: 75 Minutes
Location: Yoga studio in Memmo Baleeira hotel Sagres or Beach
Sagres, Portugal.

To book a private yoga class in Sagres, click on the button below to contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

yoga retreat portugal

Why join Yoga Classes

Did you wake up feeling energetic, healthy and happy today? Happiness is something we all want in life. But without learning to understand the mind, we will continue to experience fluctuations of the mind. Good moods and bad moods. Energy and tiredness.
Yoga uses different ancient techniques that help increase your physical and mental strength, and that help your mind to become balanced and peaceful.

We create a space for you to go inside and reconnect with your self, and we teach you and guide you in your process of strengthening your body and mind.
A valuable contribution to your holiday experience!

Who can join Yoga Classes

Are you a complete beginner? Do you feel too young or too old? Yoga is for everybody. We are all certified yoga teachers and happy to give extra attention where needed. All poses and exercises will be explained in a clear and understandable manner.
Are you a more experienced yoga student? We like to see where you are on your path and love to give you the guidance you need to continue developing a healthy body and a peaceful, happy mind by going deeper into the poses, pranayama and meditation exercises.


Yoga Class Sagres

Joining yoga classes in Sagres, Algarve will give you sufficient tools and experience to continue your individual yoga practice at home. Because we want you to be able to continue your journey towards health and happiness!
If you feel like doing a more intensive program with twice daily yoga sessions, meditations, walks, beach sessions and more, one of our yoga retreats might just be what you are looking for. That way we get a chance to get to know you better and work with your needs on a deeper level.