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A little story from our yoga home town Sagres. We have been living in Sagres for quite a while now and we love surfing and yoga in Sagres! We can surf and do yoga on the beach every day and if we would want to, we could pick a different beach every day of the week (and drive there within 15 minutes!) And what would be better for meditation than to sit on top of a cliff, while the sun sets in the ocean, the sky turns pink and the ocean breeze blows your last thoughts away... Lucky us! We know it and we feel very grateful for it (and Sam as well, because she gets to play in the sand every day ;-). We are not the only one seeking out for a serious practice of yoga in Sagres these days.
Yoga in Sagres is becoming more and more popular for the adventurous tourist. With its world famous waves, steep cliffs and deserted golden beaches, the area has been popular by surfers for decades. And over the past few years, surfers in Sagres seem to reach out to the great gifts of yoga more and more. Here's why.

Catching waves in one of the Atlantic beaches of Sagres is not easy. First of all you need a lot of muscle power and flexibility to be able to paddle out, catch a wave and stand up on your surf board. But also balance, timing, concentration, and confidence are very important qualities that you need to develop for your surf in Sagres. Because the area knows days with big waves, strong currents but also with the most sunny hours of Europe. So you want to make sure to be able to enjoy riding a perfect wave in the sun before you head back home! And to get there faster, the answer in Sagres is Yoga.
Yoga to calm down from the surf adrenaline; yoga to improve your balance; yoga to learn staying calm and focused in stressful situations (massive waves, strong currents...); yoga to improve your balance on the board, to increase your paddle power and last but not least: yoga to increase your lung capacity. Because peacefully being able to hold your breath when the waves pull you under is quite a skill. 

Sagres yoga class

Yoga in Sagres is possible with us every day from July 1 until September 16th 2018. You can join us for yoga on the ocean view yoga space in hotel Memmo Baleeira daily at 6PM (75 minutes, 10E drop-in classes) where we teach Yoga for Surfers, Hatha Yoga, Breathwork & Mindfulness sessions, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Sound Healings, and Tibetan Rites sessions to increase energy. Would you like to work on specific needs? Contact us for private classes on the beach, in our YogiGarden home studio or in the hotel. 

Looking forward to do Yoga in Sagres with you!
Lots of love xx