‘Ooooh Waaaauwww!” goes Samadhi's sweet little voice whenever she sees something beautiful. It's one of the truly amazing gifts little ones have. They show you the world's magical beauty through their eyes.

The last weeks have been absolutely amazing in Portugal: beach visits have become a daily routine again, welcome early summer! And instead of getting bored of going to the same beach over and over again (what a life!), Sam shows us on the beach how every wave is a new adventure; how every shell is a piece of art, and every stranger an opportunity to meet new friends. We are so grateful for learning from that happy little girl! Just 3 more months and she will turn from little baby girl into big sister. She already kisses and hugs mommies belly. Does she really understand what’s going on?

Meanwhile Michaël's video courses continue and preparation for the retreats and summer classes have started as well. Well, mostly Michaël then, and for our amazing staff as I will be feeding and changing diapers this summer… But I feel so content with my current occupations! Instead of sometimes missing my quiet mornings with heaps of time for yoga and meditation, I feel more and more how even chaotic family life offers wonderful moments to practice. Instead of rushing through the dishes and tidying the toys by the end of the day, I try for instance to do that consciously and with complete peace of mind, every day again. As it has grown into a routine overtime, it now has become a moment that I look forward to! A moment in which I become present again, aware of my state of mind, state of body, my breath. A moment to experience inner space and quietness.

So dear busy moms and dads out there, pick one moment in your daily routine and try to live that with full awareness, full presence. No matter what thoughts and feelings arise, no matter how difficult and pointless it may seem in the beginning. Just be aware, accepting the reality completely a it is. Pick your moment, give it your full attention and give it a few weeks. I can’t wait to hear your experiences!

Meanwhile I try to extend my minutes of 'meditative housewifery' into longer and longer moments. Let's see how far we can bring that peace ;-)

Lots of love and happiness! xx