A Life Lesson from Little Sam

Especially for all of you that begged us to share the news: here she is! Samadhi Gaia, our little angel that fills our hearts with love. Six months old already, she is a smily, beautiful, healthy and pure little soul. Every day we feel extremely grateful for having her in our family!

Family adventures
What a beautiful gift to receive LIFE in it's most honest form. Seeing the vulnerability, the purity that a newborn brings along. It connects all of us with our deepest essence, with our own purity again. Love, truth, sharing, caring and a deeper connection with gratitude for what life brings along our paths. 

What about the name?
Samadhi...? Well, we call her SAM. Sam is short for Samadhi which is Sanskrit for the final stage in the eight-fold path of Yoga as described in Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's. In this stage, the deep concentration and calmness of mind turns into the 'no mind'; one goes beyond the mind and finds peace inside. In this stage bliss is experienced and one is liberated from all suffering. The Nirvana of Yoga! A little yogi baby with a big yogi name ;-) 

Little soul, big teacher
And who is teaching who, I wonder as a parent. Forget about planning days and have time for ourselves whenever we want to: Little Sam needs love, wants to play and eat or have a new nappy whenever she needs it. Bye bye big agenda and hello growing list with unfinished projects. A big lesson to let go control and learn to embrace the moments in any way they present themselves. A lesson to feel fulfilled without crossing to-do's from the list. This is something very important for all of us. Are you able to feel good about yourself, content and fulfilled even though you haven't finished your projects? The older we get, the more our to-do lists seem to continue growing. If we don't pay attention, we become a slave by all the unfinished work and dreams that surround us. Let's take the lesson from little Sam and try this evening to generate a feeling of contentment and completeness without relating that feeling to the amount of projects that you have finished. By the end of the day, if you have managed to settle down in the moments that the day has brought to you: well done, embrace yourself. Let that for a chance be the goal of your busy day and see what happens with your stress levels :-)

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