Family life

Family Life

May already! I can’t believe how fast this year is going. The cliche that every mom tells me, turns out to be so true: time flies, especially the good times. Luckily, this year has been giving us so many wonderful moments and I feel very grateful for that.

We’ve finally started the yoga retreat season, and it was amazing to have our lovely staff back together! Everybody seemed shiny, happy, inspired and refreshed after a long winter of travels and adventure into the world and into themselves. That gave wonderful input to share. And with that wonderful, healthy energy, the first guests were received. Such a great group; perfect weather, really enjoyable atmosphere with inspiring yoga sessions, heaps of breathing, talks, an amazing new delicious menu, walks and of course moments of relaxation and laughter. Looking forward to many more beautiful weeks to come! 

I do have to say though, that it feels strange not to be able to teach myself right now. With just five weeks left until we are expecting our little boy to join the family, I am too pregnant to run classes or host much myself during the retreats. But luckily the warm-hearted Diana and Anna are two amazing caring angels that are there for our guests and I feel very confident leaving my 'Mekayoga baby' into their hands.

The Power of Sound

Speaking of the coming child, family life continues. My belly is almost exploding, Samadhi keeps hugging the belly and we have lots of family fun together. She even starts to copy Michael with pulling in and out her little round Buddha belly when he practices pranayama! There's one thing we love to let her experience already since she is with us and that is the beauty (and power) of sound. When she was very little, we used to sing and play matras for her. We have a little room with instruments and its at least once a day that you can find her in there playing with her xylophone, hitting a drum or very proudly playing horrible sounds out of a bamboo flute.

michael en sam.jpeg

A couple of evenings ago I was playing the hangdrum with her, a sound that is very calming. And then something beautiful happened. I felt like chanting OM while playing the hangdrum, and then Sam stopped playing, nestled herself on my lap. I found it cute, stopped playing and continued chanting to see her reaction. She got more and more relaxed with her head on my chest like a little kangaroo baby, and after a few minutes she was vast asleep! She never naps anywhere except from in her bed, after a bottle, when it is her time to sleep. And she had not had her bottle, neither was it her time. I was amazed!

It reconfirmed to me the power of music and especially the power of chanting mantras. A mantra as simple as Om (AUM) can be so powerful. For me it was a beautiful reminder to use the power of mantra again, and to share with you some wisdom about the power of chanting AUM. In this blog you can read why OM is chanted in the beginning or end of many yoga classes, and how this vibration is said to clean your energy system and enhance you in meditation, health and peace. I hope you enjoy.

x Harmke