Start your day energized within just 5 minutes
A healthy body and a healthy mind. Something we all want, right? Unfortunately it is not always easy to create some time to take care of that. And that's not only a pity, it is becomes a double pity when we also start to feel really bad about the fact that we SHOULD do something but we DON'T.

But you actually don't need that much time to start your day right. In just a few minutes there's a whole lot you can do to start your day right. Here's a 5 minute video that will help you get your energy flowing, loosen up and strengthen your most important muscles and joints, and it will hel you align and increase awareness of body and mind.

AWAKEN YOUR FULL POTENTIAL with The Life Awareness Program
This free online video is a little gift from the Life Awareness Program, an online program to awaken your full potential. To learn to give meaning to your life and to find health, peace and happiness. The program is developed by Michaël Bijker and soon several courses will be available online. Now we give a little preview just to our community members. Go ahead and let us know how you feel :-)

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